Sarah’s Key

Sarah’s Key


Tatiana De Rosnay

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Edouard’s father and Bertrand’s paternal grandfather. André inherited his family’s wine business, but ended up opening an antique store. André and Edouard were present the day Sarah Starzynski returned to the rue de Saintonge apartment. Because his wife, Mamé, was not in the apartment that day, André forbade Edouard from discussing the traumatic incident with her. For years, André kept in touch with Sarah’s adoptive father, Jules Dufaure, and sent money to assist Sarah and her new family. André died of lung cancer long before the novel begins.
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André Character Timeline in Sarah’s Key

The timeline below shows where the character André appears in Sarah’s Key. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 22
The Power of Silence Theme Icon
...Mamé about the past.” On this visit, Julia asks Mamé when she and her husband, André, moved into their apartment on the rue de Saintonge. Mamé says she found out the... (full context)
Chapter 39
Guilt Theme Icon
The Limits of Love Theme Icon
...the cupboard. An overpowering smell immediately fills the room. Jules, Geneviève, and the boy’s father (André) enter the bedroom and although Jules tries to pull her away, Sarah sees her brother’s... (full context)
Chapter 40
The Power of Silence Theme Icon
Guilt Theme Icon
...Julia. He can’t remember what was done with Michel’s body but he recalls his father, André Tézac, weeping after Sarah, Jules, and Geneviève left. It was the first time Edouard had... (full context)
Chapter 42
Remembrance and History Theme Icon
Inside the file, Julia finds twelve letters to André Tézac from Jules Dufaure, each containing updates on Sarah’s wellbeing. The file also contains monthly... (full context)
Chapter 73
The Power of Silence Theme Icon argues vehemently over the issue, and Zoë finally jumps in to reveal that, despite André Tézac’s efforts to hide Sarah’s story from his wife, Mamé has known all along. Before... (full context)