Sarah’s Key

Sarah’s Key


Tatiana De Rosnay

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Sarah’s Key: Chapter 66 Summary & Analysis

Julia awakens in a hospital and receives the good news that her baby is fine. Zoë is with her and Bertrand is on his way. In the wake of her conversation with William, Julia feels utterly lost. After he arrives, Bertrand takes care of all the details of Julia’s care and Julia begins “to feel like a little old lady.” Though Bertrand is kind and calm, Julia is disheartened that he does not once mention the baby she is carrying.
This chapter underscores the limits of love as a saving force. Though Julia is relieved that she has not lost the baby she has fought so hard to keep, she also wonders what she has to look forward to, now that her disastrous conversation with William has seemingly stopped her efforts to uncover Sarah’s story. Neither Zoë’s attentiveness nor the hope of her future child are enough to pull Julia out of the beginnings of a depression.
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