Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda


Becky Albertalli

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Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda: Chapter 13 Summary & Analysis

On Thursday, Simon is far too preoccupied thinking about Blue and the fact that Blue's mom and Blue’s dad are religious to pay any attention in class. He hopes that Blue doesn't think it's a big deal that Simon is the self-professed "most blasphemous person in the world." Later, Abby tries to ask Simon where his mind is, but Martin interrupts. He mentions that he'd like to introduce Simon to his brother, though he looks miserable saying it. Simon thinks he deserves to feel miserable, but suggests that the three of them go to Waffle House the next day to practice lines for the play. Abby thinks it's a great idea.
The sense of upheaval that Simon feels at learning Blue's religious background shows again how averse Simon is to change. However, it's worth noting that Blue’s religious ties are so anxiety inducing for Simon because it makes him question his own identity. This suggests that Simon's discomfort with change in general is actually related to his desire for stability and familiarity.
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On Friday night, Simon sits across from Abby and Martin at Waffle House. Martin asks Abby all sorts of silly questions, all while seeming unbelievably nervous. Simon watches Martin try to inadvertently touch Abby, though Abby shrinks away and turns their attention back to the script. Simon finds the whole thing painful. Finally, Abby laments that Taylor already has her lines memorized. Martin and Simon insist that of course Taylor does because she's perfect, and they all start laughing. Simon thinks that Martin might be growing on him.
Again, the text implies that there's a very real possibility for Simon and Martin to become friends, but Martin's blackmail means that Simon will likely never feel comfortable enough to be his true self around Martin.
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