Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest


David Foster Wallace

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Infinite Jest: Chapter 26 Summary & Analysis

Alphabetic Tally of Séparatisteur / Anti-O.N.A.N. Groups whose Opposition to Interdependence / Reconfiguration is Designated by R.C.M.P. and U.S.O.U.S. as Terrorist / Extortionist in Character. This chapter is a list of Anti-O.N.A.N. groups with a key to denote whether the groups are Quebecois, environmental, separatist, violent, and/or extremely violent. The groups listed include Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents (which is designated extremely violent) and six others.
Although the political background of how O.N.A.N. came to be formed has not been explained yet, this chapter reveals that opposition to the super-nation is diverse, intense, and dangerous. 
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