Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest


David Foster Wallace

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Port Washington Tennis Academy, a rival school that E.T.A. plays in an annual tournament.
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P.W.T.A. Term Timeline in Infinite Jest

The timeline below shows where the term P.W.T.A. appears in Infinite Jest. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 38
Talent, Precociousness, and Fame Theme Icon
...It is the annual meet between E.T.A. and the Port Washington Tennis Academy, hosted at P.W.T.A. in Long Island as it is every year. Players from the losing school have to... (full context)
Institutional Control vs. Rebellion Theme Icon
The E.T.A. players make a triumphant return from P.W.T.A., having watched their opponents sing the silly song. As usual, Schtitt does not ride in... (full context)
Chapter 40
Talent, Precociousness, and Fame Theme Icon
Institutional Control vs. Rebellion Theme Icon
Troeltsch reports E.T.A.’s victory over P.W.T.A. in creative language. Hal is currently enrolled in a proector class called “Separatism and Return:... (full context)