Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest


David Foster Wallace

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The Enfield Tennis Academy in Enfield, MA, an elite junior tennis academy founded by Dr. James Incandenza and run by Charles Tavis and Avril Incandenza after James’s suicide. Much of the novel is set at… read analysis of E.T.A.


Organization of North American Nations, a “supernation” comprised of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Founded by President Johnny Gentle, O.N.A.N. was masterminded by Rodney Tine, chief of the O.U.S, who saw it as… read analysis of O.N.A.N.


Teleputer, a combination of a TV, film “cartridge” player, computer, and videophone. read analysis of TP


Assassins Fateuils Rolents (“Wheelchair Assassins” in English). The most violent and feared anti-O.N.A.N. terrorist organization, comprised of Quebecois miners’ sons who lost their legs through playing a game called La Culte du Prochain Train read analysis of A.F.R.


Video-Physiognomic Dysphoria, a disorder that developed after the rise of “videophony” (video calling). Different solutions were tested to cure VPD, but in the end people just went back to audio-only calling. read analysis of VPD
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a university in Cambridge, MA where parts of the novel are set. read analysis of M.I.T.


M.I.T.’s student-run radio station, home of Madame Psychosis’s cult radio show “Those Were the Legends That Formerly Were.” read analysis of WYYY


Member of Parliament (UK). read analysis of MP


“Prettiest Girl Of All Time” — Orin and his doubles partner’s nickname for Joelle, who is so beautiful that no one talks to her. read analysis of P.G.O.A.T.


Port Washington Tennis Academy, a rival school that E.T.A. plays in an annual tournament. read analysis of P.W.T.A.


United States Tennis Association, the administrative body that oversees junior tennis. It retains its own separate ranking system even after the establishment of the O.N.A.N.T.A. ranking. read analysis of U.S.T.A.


Alcoholics Anonymous, a recovery program with a distinctive ideology that requires total abstinence from all Substances, submission as a necessary part of sobriety, meetings in which people share stories so that others may “Identify”… read analysis of AA


Boston University, where Orin attends college. read analysis of B.U.


E.T.A.’s student-run radio station. read analysis of WETA


Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment, the eighth year of subsidized time. Most of the action in the novel takes place in this year. read analysis of Y.D.A.U.


Year of the Whisper-Quiet Maytag Dishmaster, the fifth year of subsidized time. read analysis of Y.W.-Q.M.D.


Oxford English Dictionary. read analysis of O.E.D.


Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed, an organization founded by the wife on an MP in the mid 20th century. Many members, including Joelle, wear face veils; they also carry membership cards. Maratheread analysis of U.H.I.D.


Year of Dairy Products From the American Heartland, the seventh year of subsidized time. read analysis of Y.D.P.F.A.H.

Year of the Whopper

The first year of subsidized time. read analysis of Year of the Whopper

Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad

The second year of subsidized time. read analysis of Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad

Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar –

The third year of subsidized time. read analysis of Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar –

Year of the Yushityu 2007 Mimetic-Resolution-Cartridge-View-Motherboard-Easy-to-Install-Upgrade for Infernatron/InterLace TP Systems for Home, Office, or Mobilee

Year of Glad –

The eighth year of subsidized time and the last year the novel covers. The action in the opening chapter takes place in this year. read analysis of Year of Glad –


Department of Social Services. read analysis of D.S.S.


Driving Under the Influence (of drugs or alcohol) – a criminal offence. read analysis of DUI


Narcotics Anonymous, a spinoff of AA for narcotics addicts. read analysis of NA


Organization of North American Nations Tennis Association. read analysis of O.N.A.N.T.A


Office of Unspecified Services, a branch of the American government headed by Rodney Tine, Sr. that includes the C.I.A., Secret Service, A.T.F. (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration), and O.N.R… read analysis of O.U.S.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. read analysis of O.C.D.


Cocaine Anonymous, another spinoff of AA for cocaine addicts. read analysis of CA


Master of Business Administration (degree). read analysis of M.B.A.


Viewing room (at E.T.A.) where students can watch cartridges. The cartridge viewer in this room is new and “painfully high-definition.” The room has no windows or other furniture apart from the viewer and the… read analysis of V.R.


Overdose (of drugs). read analysis of O.D.


Assistant District Attorney, a state law enforcement official who investigates and prosecutes people who commit crimes. read analysis of A.D.A.


Described as coming from a kind of mold that “grows on other molds,” DMZ is an incredibly powerful and mysterious hallucinogen. It can have many different effects but often seems to transform a person’s ability… read analysis of DMZ