The 57 Bus

The 57 Bus


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The 57 Bus: Part 3: The Rim Fire’s Revenge Summary & Analysis

Later at the emergency department, Sasha is “giddy” and “high on morphine,” and they are immediately transferred to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. There is a burn unit there, and Sasha has third-degree burns, meaning their skin is “burned all the way through, down to the fat below.” There, Sasha is bathed in “diluted bleach” and assessed. They have burns over 22 percent of their body, but Sasha’s doctor, Dr. Grossman, is optimistic that Sasha will live.
Sasha’s injuries are exceedingly severe. 22 percent is a large portion of Sasha’s body, and complications from infection are common. Sasha’s injuries present a serious threat to their life, a consequence that Richard failed to appreciate when he decided to bully Sasha, and this is further evidence of the adolescent nature of Richard’s crime.
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