The 57 Bus

The 57 Bus


Dashka Slater

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Having a gender identity that does not align with “any gender.” Sasha is agender, and they do not identify as either male or female. read analysis of Agender


Not being “romantically attracted to anyone.” Sasha identifies as aromantic when they describe their nontraditional relationship with Nemo, who happens to be asexual and gender fluid. Sasha and Nemo are “soul mates, but… read analysis of Aromantic


Not being “physically attracted to anyone.” Nemo is asexual and “doesn’t do sexual relationships.” Their relationship with Sasha is not rooted in sexual attraction; rather, it is based on their deep friendship and common understanding… read analysis of Asexual


Having a gender identity that matches one’s “birth sex.” Sasha’s parents, Karl and Debbie, are cisgender. read analysis of Cisgender


A term for sexuality that describes someone who “doesn’t feel sexual attraction, but is still interested in sex.” Sasha identifies as gray-cupiosexual, meaning they only “occasionally” have feelings of sexual attraction. read analysis of Cupiosexual
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A gender identity that “doesn’t fit neatly into male/female categories.” Sasha is genderqueer. They “question” their gender identity and don’t feel strongly about being one gender or the other. Sasha describes that they are lacking… read analysis of Genderqueer

Gender fluid

Having a gender identity that “sometimes identifies as male and sometimes female.” Nemo is gender fluid and has “the potential to be anything, any gender at any time.” read analysis of Gender fluid

Gray sexual

A sexual identity that “mostly doesn’t feel sexual attraction but does occasionally.” Sasha identifies as gray-cupiosexual, meaning they “don’t feel sexual attraction, but are still interested in sex.” read analysis of Gray sexual


A gender identity that is different from one’s “birth sex.” Andrew, who is biologically born Samantha, is a transgender man. read analysis of Transgender


Someone who “doesn’t understand the difference between romantic and platonic love.” Sasha also identifies as quiromantic, and the relationship they share with Nemo is not romantic. Sasha and Nemo “cuddle,” but their relationship is not… read analysis of Quiromantic