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Dashka Slater

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The 57 Bus: Part 4: US Juvenile Incarceration Summary & Analysis

Slater also includes some numbers applicable to Richard’s case. 54,148 juveniles are “held in correctional facilities on any given day,” she writes, and while African Americans only make up 16 percent of total juveniles, “41 percent of incarcerated youths are African American.” According to Slater, it costs 2.5 million dollars to jail one single juvenile for life, and nearly 10 percent of all “confined youths” have experienced sexual assault while in custody. Sadly, 22 percent of “confined youths” have also attempted suicide.
Sadly, these statistics imply that similar progress has not been made to address the discrimination and racism present in America’s criminal justice system. These statistics are bleak; however, Slater ultimately argues, acknowledging this unjust reality is the first step to overcoming the hate and discrimination that fuels it.
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