The Sun is Also a Star

The Sun is Also a Star


Nicola Yoon

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The Sun is Also a Star: Chapter 90 Summary & Analysis

The chapter uses a dramatic script to recount a conversation between Samuel and Patricia. They're in their bedroom, and Natasha is hiding outside the door, listening. Patricia sits on the bed, her face in her hands, asking how they're going to pay for a lawyer. Samuel insists they'll figure it out. Patricia recalls how they met: Samuel came into her store and "wore her down," though he insists he was just courting her. She reminds him that he once said that all her dreams would come true, and they'd live in a big house. Patricia admits that she didn't believe him at first, and then he made her believe—he's a good actor.
Patricia essentially accuses Samuel of tricking into her marriage and into coming to the US, which shows that she's just as disillusioned with the American dream and their life together as Samuel is.
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Samuel snaps. He says he's tired of hearing about Patricia's dreams instead of his own. He says that if it weren't for Patricia, Natasha, and Peter, he'd have everything he ever wanted. Samuel declares he regrets the day he walked into her store, because if he hadn't gone in, he'd be acting professionally. He tells Patricia he doesn't want to hear anything more about her dreams, as they're nothing compared to his.
Samuel's dreams are much more selfish than Patricia's, especially since he blames his failure on his family, which he actively created. Though the novel doesn't necessarily take sides, it implies that Samuel's early tendency towards isolation partially led to this heartbreak.
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