Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone


Tomi Adeyemi

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Children of Blood and Bone: Chapter Forty-Two Summary & Analysis

Amari awakens to find she is blindfolded and tied to a tree. A divîner boy rips off her blindfold; behind him, she sees Tzain, also tied to a tree and bloodied. The boy, Kwame, interrogates Amari about who they are. She tells him the truth, but he doesn’t believe her. She realizes that Kwame has already touched the scroll, and can use his magic as a result. Kwame moves towards Tzain, threatening to hurt him if Amari doesn’t tell the truth.
Amari is a noble, and, like all nobles, she was raised to hate and abuse divîners. Although Amari happens to be different, Kwame is reasonably distrustful of her. Like other characters in the story, he uses the threat of violence to try to protect himself and his friends.
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A young divîner girl named Zu enters. She reprimands Kwame and the others for taking hostages and leaving one of their friends behind. She orders them to bring Tzain to get cleaned and bandaged, but says Amari will stay right where she is.
The young divîners have formed a strong community, working together and doing their best to ensure that no one gets left behind. They seem to trust Zu’s authority. These divîners are an example of a strong network that transcends the bonds of blood family.
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