Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone


Tomi Adeyemi

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Children of Blood and Bone: Chapter Thirty-Eight Summary & Analysis

Zélie hears Amari’s screams, and she and Inan freeze midway through their fight. Realizing Tzain has been taken as well, Zélie takes off in pursuit of Inan and both of their siblings. Suddenly, she finds herself tangled in ropes as two masked figures start dragging her away. Inan fights them both off. He knocks one of the masked boys unconscious, and the boy falls at his feet. Then, blade raised, Inan turns to Zélie.
Although Zélie and Inan are in the midst of an extremely important fight, when they realize their siblings are in trouble, they fly to their aid. They are both extremely loyal to and protective of their siblings.
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