Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone


Tomi Adeyemi

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Children of Blood and Bone: Chapter Twenty-Eight Summary & Analysis

Everyone on the boat gets in position. Tzain tells Amari that she doesn’t have to fight. She’s tempted, but, thinking of Binta, Amari swallows her fear and says she wants to stay. The boats surge into the arena. There are three times as many boats as the day before. She wonders if her father, King Saran, knows or cares about these brutal games.
Amari feels weak because she does not want to fight, but she draws strength from another source. Amari feels she has a responsibility to Binta, a thought she holds onto for motivation. Amari also feels more distant from her family than ever, thinking about how they have turned a blind eye to the slaughter she is about to witness. Her responsibility to her true friend is far more important than her connection to her father.
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