Stephen King

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Greta Bowie Character Analysis

Along with Sally Mueller, she is one of Beverly Marsh’s fifth-grade classmates. Greta and Sally are close friends. Like Sally, Greta is one of the rich girls who lives in one of the Victorian houses on West Broadway. Eddie Kaspbrak remembers how she played croquet on her rear lawn on Saturday afternoons. She is a beautiful girl with “shining blonde hair” that falls to her shoulders. Eddie has a small crush on her. She dies in a car crash at the age of eighteen, driving under the influences of alcohol and drugs.
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Greta Bowie Character Timeline in It

The timeline below shows where the character Greta Bowie appears in It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4: Ben Hanscom Takes a Fall
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...shit” if she passed or not. Sally sniffs in disgust and talks to her friend Greta Bowie . Beverly is lower-class, while Sally and Greta are rich, snotty girls from West Broadway.... (full context)
Chapter 11: Walking Tours
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...direction he should go. As a boy, he liked to walk past Sally Mueller and Greta Bowie ’s houses on West Broadway. Once, while on his strolls back then, he sees Greta... (full context)
Evil and the Supernatural Theme Icon
Fear and the Power of Fantasy Theme Icon
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...get Eddie and his friends. Eddie shrieks and shrinks away. When he turns, he sees Greta Bowie . She is dead and half of her face has been eaten away by maggots.... (full context)