Stephen King

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Lars Theramenius Character Analysis

A three-year-old boy who lives in Derry. He witnesses Eddie Kaspbrak’s injuries in the aftermath of Eddie’s getting beaten up by Henry Bowers. Lars also sees Al Marsh chasing Beverly Marsh from their house. During the chase, he sees Al turn into a spider inside of his clothes—a vision that gives Lars nightmares for three weeks. Lars later dies in a motorcycle accident at the age of fifteen.
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Lars Theramenius Character Timeline in It

The timeline below shows where the character Lars Theramenius appears in It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 19: In the Watches of the Night
Evil and the Supernatural Theme Icon
Fear and the Power of Fantasy Theme Icon
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon his eyes. Beverly runs from It. They run past their neighbors. Their neighbor, Little Lars Theramenius, is pulling a Red Ball Flyer wagon when he sees Al Marsh and notices something... (full context)