Stephen King

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Sally Mueller Character Analysis

Greta Bowie’s closest friend at Derry Elementary School. Sally lives in a Victorian house on West Broadway, along with Greta. Sally and Greta look down on Beverly for her poverty and tomboyish manners. Sally and Greta are also jealous of Beverly because they believe that she is prettier than they are.
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Sally Mueller Character Timeline in It

The timeline below shows where the character Sally Mueller appears in It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4: Ben Hanscom Takes a Fall
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...a cheer. Mrs. Douglas asks for their attention while she hands out their report cards. Sally Mueller turns to Beverly Marsh, whom she never speaks to normally, and says that she hopes... (full context)
Derry: The Second Interlude
Evil and the Supernatural Theme Icon
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon Mueller, says that is not his problem. Mike makes the connection to his classmate Sally Mueller . Will says that this Mueller would have been her uncle, not her father. (full context)
Evil and the Supernatural Theme Icon
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...the men have torches. One stays behind the wheel of the Packard. Hanlon recalls that Sally Mueller ’s uncle has a green Packard. (full context)
Chapter 11: Walking Tours
Storytelling and Memory Theme Icon
...wonders in which direction he should go. As a boy, he liked to walk past Sally Mueller and Greta Bowie’s houses on West Broadway. Once, while on his strolls back then, he... (full context)