No Sugar

No Sugar


Jack Davis

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No Sugar: Act 2, Scene 7 Summary & Analysis

Joe and Mary return to the Long Pool Camp later that night. He announces that he and Mary want to run away and get married. Milly warns that they will be captured and sent to jail, but Jimmy says prison isn’t a big deal. Milly gives Joe a bit of damper, which is all she has. Joe bids her and Sam goodbye, though Milly cautions him not to wake his siblings as the “less they know the better.” Jimmy warns Joe to walk mostly on gravel, so black trackers cannot easily follow him.
Although Milly fears for Joe’s safety, she recognizes that he is making the best decision for him and supports him in his choice. Milly, like the other adults in the family, has also welcomed Mary into the fold. They see how important she is to Joe, and therefore she has become important to them.
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