Noli Me Tangere

Noli Me Tangere


José Rizal

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Noli Me Tangere: Chapter 48 Summary & Analysis

Ibarra visits María Clara to tell her that his excommunication has been lifted. When he arrives, he finds her with Linares. Confused, he says he’ll come back another time, noting a strange look of hesitancy on his lover’s face. He wanders into the street and winds his way to the school, where construction continues to thrive at a good pace. There, among the workers, he spots Elías, who tells him to meet him by the lakeside to discuss several important matters.
It’s notable that, despite Ibarra’s excommunication, construction has continued on the school. This is perhaps thanks to Tasio’s advice that Ibarra gain approval for the project from the town’s priests and government officials—because they have invested themselves in the endeavor, they don’t stop its progress during the young man’s excommunication.
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