Noli Me Tangere

Noli Me Tangere


José Rizal

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Noli Me Tangere: Chapter 57 Summary & Analysis

In the courthouse, Doña Consolación is delighted to witness the interrogation and torture of the prisoners. The court—which includes the ensign, the mayor, and Father Salví—brings out Társilo for questioning. He says that Ibarra never contacted him or his peers, insisting that the only reason he attacked was to revenge his father’s death. Refusing to change his story, Társilo accepts multiple beatings, eventually looking up to see Doña Consolación, at whom he laughs and says: “I’ve never seen an uglier woman.” The ensign then sets to work beating him severely before lowering him into a well to drown.
Although Társilo’s honesty when he says that Ibarra wasn’t implicated in the barracks attack is honorable, his fate serves as an example of what happens to somebody who allows himself to be motivated by revenge. Indeed, Rizal demonstrates that this man’s determination to avenge his father’s death leads only to a violent and painful death. This, of course, aligns with Tasio’s advice to Ibarra to forget all ideas of revenge while working on building the school.
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