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José Rizal

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A Spaniard who speaks with a stutter and looks significantly older than his thirty-five years. Don Tiburcio came to the Philippines as a customs officer, but was dismissed upon his arrival. Having very little money to his name, he went to the country provinces of the Philippines to practice medicine, despite the fact that he had no training as a doctor. Nonetheless, because he charged exorbitant amounts of money, people came to think of him as one of the country’s best doctors. After some time, the townspeople discovered his fraudulence and he was forced to find another means of survival. When María Clara falls ill, though, Tiburcio is once again falsely practicing medicine. His new wife Doña Victorina is a fierce social climber, so she convinced him to go back to medicine, advising him only to take on extremely well-respected patients. This is why Captain Tiago chooses him to attend to María Clara.

Doctor Tiburcio de Espadaña Quotes in Noli Me Tangere

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Chapter 42 Quotes

The servants all had to call them by their new titles and, as a result as well, the fringes, the layers of rice powder, the ribbons, and the lace all increased in quantity. She looked with increasing disfavor than ever before on her poor, less fortunate countrywomen, whose husbands were of a different category from her own. Every day she felt more dignified and elevated and, following this path at the end of a year she began to think of herself of divine origin.

Nevertheless, these sublime thoughts did not keep her from getting older and more ridiculous every day. Every time Captain Tiago ran into her and remembered that he had courted her in vain, he would right away send a peso to the church for a mass of thanksgiving. Despite this, Captain Tiago had great respect for her husband and his title “Specialist in All Types of Diseases” and he would listen attentively to the few sentences his stuttering permitted him to utter successfully. For this reason, and because he didn’t visit absolutely everyone like other doctors did, Captain Tiago chose him to attend his daughter.

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Doctor Tiburcio de Espadaña Character Timeline in Noli Me Tangere

The timeline below shows where the character Doctor Tiburcio de Espadaña appears in Noli Me Tangere. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 42: The De Espadañas
Colonialism, Religion, and Power Theme Icon
Isolation Theme Icon
The festival finally over, Captain Tiago invites Doctor de Espadaña and his wife, Doña Victorina, to stay with them while the doctor treats María Clara,... (full context)
Colonialism, Religion, and Power Theme Icon
With the de Espadañas is Don Tiburcio’s Spanish nephew, Linares, whom Victorina has convinced to travel to the Philippines... (full context)
Chapter 44: An Examination of Conscience
Colonialism, Religion, and Power Theme Icon
María Clara’s health slowly improves, much to the surprise of Doctor de Espadaña , who has prescribed a simple marshmallow syrup regimen. Father Salví attributes this improvement to... (full context)
Chapter 47: Two Ladies
Colonialism, Religion, and Power Theme Icon
Isolation Theme Icon
When the fight ends, Doña Victorina tells Don Tiburcio that he will have to challenge the ensign to a duel in order to defend... (full context)