Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice


Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 27 Summary & Analysis

Sir William Lucas, his youngest daughter, and Elizabeth go to visit Charlotte, stopping along the way in London to check up on Jane. Speaking privately with Elizabeth, Mrs. Gardiner confirms that Jane feels dejected, but she thinks that Jane has finally given up the illusion of Caroline's friendship.
All the major characters in the novel grow and change: after her experiences in London, Jane starts to admit that people can have cruel and deceitful intentions.
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Mrs. Gardiner also consoles Elizabeth about losing Wickham. She considers his shift in attention to a suddenly-rich woman to be quite self-serving. But Elizabeth defends Wickham, reminding her aunt that she had once advised Elizabeth to think about money when marrying. Mrs. Gardiner later invites Elizabeth to join her and Mr. Gardiner on a summer tour of Derbyshire and the Lake Country. Elizabeth is delighted to accept.
Apparently it's okay—even necessary—to marry for money, but not okay to make it obvious. Elizabeth points out the contradiction in what is considered socially acceptable behavior.
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