Pride and Prejudice


Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 38 Summary & Analysis

The next day, Mr. Collins delivers to Elizabeth his earnest and solemn farewell. He wishes Elizabeth the same kind of perfect happiness in marriage that he has found with Charlotte. Though Elizabeth knows that Mr. Collins assessment of his marriage is totally wrong, she must admit that Charlotte does appear to be content.
Mr. Collins's delusion is ludicrous: Charlotte's contentment is based on avoiding him. Elizabeth's recognition that Charlotte has found comfort, despite her earlier belief that Charlotte would be miserable, shows Elizabeth's growth.
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Elizabeth arrives in London to visit with the Gardiners before returning to Longbourn with Jane. Though desperate to share her news about Darcy, she is apprehensive that the news about Bingley will hurt Jane. She decides to wait until they get home.
Elizabeth is not immune to feeling flattered that someone of Darcy's stature would propose to her.
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