The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 12 Summary & Analysis

Thomas fears the Runner may have been stung, so he calls out for help and Alby comes running to meet them. When they reach the Runner, they find that he is conscious but extremely exhausted and barely able to speak. Alby says the Runner’s name is Minho. Minho asks Alby for some water and Alby goes off to get him some.
The Runners’ lives revolve around sacrifice. Everyday, they enter the Maze knowing that they might not come out. Even Alby, who never takes orders from anyone, carries out Minho’s request, showing his respect for Minho’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of the Glade.
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Thomas asks Minho if he found anything out in the Maze. Minho says that although that’s normally the worst question to ask a Runner, today is different. When Thomas asks what he found, Minho says he’ll have to wait till Alby gets back before he says anything else. When Alby returns and gives Minho permission to speak in front of Thomas, Minho says that he found a dead Griever in the Maze.
Minho’s discovery represents another change in the routine. But, for the first time, this change brings good news: Grievers can die. And if they can die, then the Gladers might be able to learn how to kill them.
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