The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 14 Summary & Analysis

Alby wraps the collar around Ben’s neck. Ben pleads that he only tried to kill Thomas because the Changing made him crazy. Alby pays no attention and, in a ceremonial and authoritative voice, decrees that Ben will be banished. The ten Keepers of the Glade all grab hold of the pole at the opposite end of the collar.
If this were true justice, then Alby would give Ben a lighter punishment because he was temporarily insane while he committed the crime. But for Alby, the public display of authority and discipline to preserve order is more important than actual justice.
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Crying and pleading for help, Ben looks around the crowd hoping to inspire someone to intervene. Thomas’ guilt makes him hide behind a larger boy so Ben won’t see him. As the Door begins to close, the Keepers use the pole to thrust Ben inside the Maze. In the last moment before the door closes, Thomas sees Ben screaming and crying. Thomas says that Ben’s fear and desperation has made him look barely human. The door closes and Thomas feels hot tears running down his face.
Since Ben’s banishment is not actually justice, it appears more like a ritual sacrifice. All the Keepers must participate and all the Gladers must watch. The Gladers sacrifice Ben under the false pretenses of justice because they want to feel like they are preserving order and authority, which makes them feel safe despite living near the Maze.
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