The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 28 Summary & Analysis

Newt and Thomas get leftovers from lunch and discuss the situation regarding Alby. Newt says that no one has ever tried to tell them what they remembered from the Changing. Newt suggest that something must be preventing them from talking about their memories and that must be why Alby started choking himself. Thomas wonders to himself if it were possible that Maze somehow asserts a kind of mind control on them.
Even if the Maze does not directly control their minds, the Gladers’ fear of the Maze governs how they feel and act. For example, Newt’s fear of the Maze prevented him from sending a search party to look for Alby and Minho.
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Newt tells Thomas that they need to find out who he was before coming to the Glade. He tells Thomas to open his mind and be honest about what he sees and feels. Thomas tells him that he feels as if he has been to the Glade before. Newt tells him that’s odd since most kids arrive in the Glade and are too scared and shocked to do anything for a week. Thomas also says that he had an instinctual knowledge telling him he needed to be a Runner. Newt encourages him to keep trying to remember and then tells him they’re going to see the girl because seeing her may jog his memory.
Thomas thinks an innate nature, rather than his repressed memories, make him want to be a Runner. Newt, however, recognizes that Thomas’ feelings most likely come from his unconscious memories of past experiences. Since the capacity for introspection is a sign of adulthood, Thomas’ continued examination of his inner feelings shows that he is becoming more of an adult.
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When they get to her room, a Med-Jack named Clint says she’s been unconscious this whole time, but has been rambling about how everything will change and has been repeating Thomas’ name. As Thomas stares at her, he feels like she looks familiar and then hears a girl’s voice say the name “Teresa” in his head. After telling Newt what he heard, Newt says that Thomas must have unlocked her name from his memory.
Teresa associates change with Thomas, cementing our perception of Thomas’ role in the Glade as the bringer of change.
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Thomas hears the same voice say his own name. Thomas jumps up and says that she’s talking to him. He hears her say that they are the last ones and that she won’t remember anything by the time she wakes up. Teresa says that they can pass the Trials and that they sent her as a trigger. Terrified about hearing her in his head, Thomas runs out of the room to escape the voice. Without realizing it, he runs into the Maze in attempt to get further away from her. As he runs, Teresa says in his head, “It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them.”
In the beginning of the novel, Thomas’ guilty conscience made him think that the Glade was a prison for juvenile murders. But now it seems like Thomas’ guilt comes from a repressed memory of his role as a Creator.
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