The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 39 Summary & Analysis

Raving like a madman, Gally says the Grievers will kill one person per night until everyone is dead. He screams that the Griever’s operate on a Variable that makes them only kill once a night. He turns to Thomas and tells him not to try and remember where they came from.
Gally’s claim that the Grievers run on a Variable reveals that the Grievers are not actually the epitome of chaos. Once again, what seems like chaos actually contains its own form of order.
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Gally then starts clawing at the walls, taking down the wood planks they used to barricade the windows. As he takes down one of the planks, a Griever comes through the window. At first the Griever goes for Newt, but then Gally sacrifices himself by charging into it. The Griever takes hold of Gally and drags him into the Maze with the other Grievers following behind. Watching the Grievers, Thomas sees Minho follow them into the Maze.
Gally was the novel’s only human antagonist, but he redeems himself through an act of heroic self-sacrifice. Minho also proves that he has the capacity for change, charging into the Maze without regard for the rules that would have previously prevented him from entering it at night.
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