The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 30 Summary & Analysis

In a concrete building north of the Homestead, Newt lets Thomas into the jail cell. There is only one rickety wooden chair and nothing to do. After a few hours of intense boredom, Chuck arrives with Thomas’ lunch. He says no one has found Gally yet but that Alby is up and around.
Thomas is the type of person who needs change. For Thomas, the unchanging repetitiveness of staying in a room all day with nothing to do is almost as painful as a night in the Maze.
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Chuck tells Thomas that when he first arrived, he cried every night out of fear and desire to go home. Chuck asks Thomas if he think he has good parents, ones who miss him now that he is gone. This makes Thomas angry at the Creators for putting them in the Glade and depriving Chuck of a normal life. Thomas assures Chuck that he has parents who care about him. Thomas promises Chuck that he will get him home.
Thomas still doesn’t accept that he is one of the Creators, so he directs his anger outwards at the other Creators rather than at himself. Thomas also tries to give Chuck hope, a necessity for survival, by promising that he will get him back to his parents.
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