The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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Sexism Theme Analysis

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Gender plays a small but significant role in the novel. For two years, the Glade consists of boys only, until Teresa arrives the day after Thomas. Since the boys have never encountered a girl before, Alby senses that there is a risk that some of the boys may rape Teresa, so he has guards protect her. Likewise, when Teresa first arrives, the boys catcall her, treating her like an object rather than a human being. The boys, including Thomas, also direct sexist insults at her, calling her weak and helpless. Teresa, however, proves herself to be braver, stronger, and smarter than most of the boys in the Glade, proving that women are just as capable as men.

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Sexism Quotes in The Maze Runner

Below you will find the important quotes in The Maze Runner related to the theme of Sexism.
Chapter 8 Quotes

Newt looked down in the Box one more time, then faced the crowd, gravely. “It’s a girl,” he said. Everyone started talking at once; Thomas only caught pieces here and there. “A girl?” “I got dibs!” “What’s she look like?” “How old is she?”

Related Characters: Newt (speaker), Thomas, Teresa
Page Number: 54
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 13 Quotes

“This ain’t got nothin’ to do with no hate or like or love or friends or anything. All we care about is surviving. Drop your sissy side and start using that shuck brain if you got one.”

Related Characters: Alby (speaker), Thomas
Page Number: 86
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 31 Quotes

Alby continued. “I hope the Changing doesn’t give us real memories—just plants fake ones. Some suspect it—I can only hope. If the world’s the way I saw it...” He trailed off, leaving an ominous silence.

Related Characters: Alby (speaker), Thomas
Page Number: 197
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 36 Quotes

“Congrats, Jeff,” Newt said. “You’re officially the first guy here to get your butt beat by a girl.”

Teresa didn’t stop. “Keep talking like that and you’ll be next.”

Related Characters: Teresa (speaker), Newt (speaker), Jeff
Page Number: 238
Explanation and Analysis:
Chapter 54 Quotes

“After two years of being treated like mice, tonight we’re making a stand. Tonight we’re taking the fight back to the Creators, no matter what we have to go through to get there. Tonight the Grievers better be scared.”

Related Characters: Newt (speaker)
Page Number: 328
Explanation and Analysis: