The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 19 Summary & Analysis

As the Griever approaches, Thomas notices that it is covered in a slimy skin and has needles and other sharp metal appendages like claws and hooks sticking out if it. The Griever moves by retracting its metal appendages and then rolling. Feeling fear of the creature, Thomas has a vague memory of being a child afraid of the shadows on the walls of his room and running into his parents’ room for safety.
Thomas’ recovery of a memory reveals that his memories, rather than erased, lay deep within him. The fact that he has these repressed memories suggests that his identity may not actually be a blank slate. Instead, if his memories are still present, then they might be shaping his personality in unknown ways.
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The Griever comes to the spot on the wall right beneath Thomas and then stops moving. Thomas hopes that it has stopped for good, but then it comes back to life and starts climbing the wall.
The beetle blade’s omen comes true. But, unlike Minho, Thomas won’t give up hope at the first sign of trouble.
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