The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 35 Summary & Analysis

Minho tells Thomas that Grievers must be leaving the Maze by jumping through some sort portal beyond the Cliff. To test Minho’s theory, they throw rocks off the Cliff. They all fall normally, but then Minho throws one and it disappears. They try throwing another in the same spot and it works again. When Thomas suggests that they jump into the portal, Minho responds that he must have a death wish. Before returning to the Glade with their new discovery, Minho decides they should explore the Maze some more. Minho hopes that the changes in the sky have somehow prompted an exit in the Maze.
The Cliff continues to shift its symbolic meaning. While the Cliff had represented the hopelessness that would drive a Glader to suicide, now the Cliff may actually hold the secret to their escape. Like so many symbols in this novel, the Cliff starts off representing one thing (hopelessness) and ends up representing its opposite (the hope of an escape).
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After failing to find anything else, they return to the Glade to tell Newt and Alby about the portal, which Thomas christens the Griever Hole. But first Minho takes Thomas to the Map Room and has him draw a map of their section. Minho says that after each run, the Runners draw maps of their sections. By looking for patterns in the way the maps change from day to day, Minho says that they hope that can find some clue to the location of an exist.
Minho’s commitment to the Runner’s routine once again shows that he believes routine provides stability and security in the face of all the horrors outside the Glade. He won’t even end the run early to tell Alby and Newt about their discovery.
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After drawing the map, Minho and Thomas run into Newt and Alby outside the Map Room. Newt informs them that supplies have stopped coming through the Box. As Minho tells them about the Griever Hole, Chuck comes running to them to tell them that the girl is awake. Thomas then hears Teresa in his head saying that she needs to tell him things before her memories fade. The chapter ends with her saying that that the Maze is a code.
Like the Cliff, the Maze shifts its symbolic meaning. No longer representing total chaos, the Maze is a rational code that the Gladers can learn to decipher.
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