The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 24 Summary & Analysis

At the Gathering of the Keepers, Thomas sits in a large room in the Homestead before the eleven Keepers. Thomas notices that one of the keepers is Gally, who he knows is going to vote against him. Minho is also there as Keeper of the Runners. There is one chair empty for the absent Alby. Newt leads the meeting, saying that half the Gladers think Thomas is a rule-breaker and the other half think he’s a hero. Gally interrupts, accusing Thomas of breaking one of their most important rules: not going into the Maze. Before he can say anything else, Newt yells at Gally to wait until it’s his turn to talk.
Half of the Gladers support what Thomas represents: a necessary change in the routine that will help them find an escape from the Maze. The other half see Thomas as a danger to their way of life: his new ideas and changes may lead to a breakdown in order.
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Each Keeper says his opinion, most of them agreeing that Thomas should be praised but also be minimally punished for breaking their number one rule. When it’s Gally’s turn to speak, he says that Thomas is a spy for the Creators because no newbie could ever be brave enough to go into the Maze and smart enough to save Minho and Alby, two of the most accomplished Gladers. Gally says Thomas only saved the two of them as a trick to win the Gladers over. After he gives his speech, Newt asks Minho to give his opinion. In a concise statement, Minho nonchalantly nominates Thomas to replace him as Keeper of the Runners.
Gally’s accusation casts legitimate doubts on Thomas’s reliability as our protagonist. Since Thomas doesn’t have access to his memories, he may be involuntarily spying for the Creators or carrying out their will in some unknown way. But since this novel constantly upholds hope as a positive attribute, Gally’s lack of hope in Thomas makes his accusation less convincing.
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