The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 29 Summary & Analysis

In state of confusion and distress, Thomas unintentionally ran for an hour inside the Maze. Realizing he must get back to the Glade before sunset, Thomas finds it surprisingly easy to retrace his steps. Thomas finds his way out of the Maze and immediately goes to sleep, not wanting to talk to anyone.
In earlier chapters, Thomas’ talent for retracing his steps would have reaffirmed his innate drive to be a Runner. After Teresa’s revelation, however, his ability to navigate the Maze suggests that he has an unconscious familiarity with its layout and design because of his role in its creation. Not actually destined to be a Runner, Thomas felt drawn to the Maze because of his memories.
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Chuck wakes Thomas the next morning. Chuck tells him that Gally has disappeared. Some of the Gladers think he went into the Maze, but Chuck thinks he’s too smart to make such a bad decision. Chuck says that Gally’s friends are probably just hiding him somewhere. Thomas says that he wishes he could just have a day to relax. Chuck responds that he’s going to get his wish in the Slammer.
Since Thomas doesn’t realize that he’ll be alone in jail all day, his wish for a day to himself is an example of dramatic irony (which is when the significance of a character’s words are unknown to the character who speaks them). This irony recalls the moment when he wished for revenge against the Creators, not realizing that he was one himself.
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