The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner Characters


The novel’s protagonist, Thomas is a teenaged boy who enters the Glade with no memories other than of his first name. Although Thomas comes to the Glade scared and confused, he shows himself to be… (read full character analysis)


Arriving the day after Thomas, Teresa is the only girl to have ever come to the Glade. Most of the Gladers catcall and insult her because she is a girl, but she challenges… (read full character analysis)


One of the youngest of the Gladers and Thomas’ first friend in the Glade. Most of the Gladers find Chuck annoying because of his childish antics and fondness for practical jokes, but Thomas recognizes… (read full character analysis)


The leader of the Gladers, Alby is the oldest and most trusted teenager in the Glade. Despite Alby’s merciless enforcement of the strict laws of the Glade, he is a competent leader capable of… (read full character analysis)


Alby’s second-in-command, Newt is kinder, smarter, and more level-headed than Alby. While fear of punishment is Alby’s preferred method for maintaining order, Newt believes work and labor are the best ways to preserve order in… (read full character analysis)
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The Keeper of the Runners, Minho is in charge of leading the other Runners through the Maze. Confrontational and somewhat impulsive, Minho leads by intuition rather than thought-out planning, which sometimes gets him into… (read full character analysis)


Described by Thomas as a bully, Gally is hotheaded and arrogant, constantly threatening the other boys with violence. Despite his flaws, Gally cares deeply about the safety of the Gladers, sacrificing his own life to… (read full character analysis)


A former Runner, Ben goes through the Changing on the day Thomas arrives in the Glade. In a state of psychological distress, Ben almost kills Thomas because he thinks Thomas does not belong in… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
The Keeper of the slaughterhouse, Winston is the type of boy who takes pleasure in killing animals. Although Thomas doesn’t fully trust the Keeper, Winston proves to be a dependable ally when he helps in the fight against the Grievers.
The Keeper of the farmers, Zart is tight-lipped and physically strong. He is presumably killed by the Grievers during one of the night raids.
The head cook in the Glade, Frypan is one the first and most adamant supporters of Thomas after he saves Minho and Alby from the Maze.
Ava Paige
Chancellor of the Maze Trials, Ava Paige is the author of the email in the epilogue.
One of the Med-Jacks. He and Clint are the closest things to doctors in the Glade.
The other, shorter Med-Jack.
The last boy to have died before Thomas’ arrival in the Glade.
The first boy to be taken by the Grievers.
Another boy taken by the Grievers.