The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner: Chapter 38 Summary & Analysis

Inside the Homestead, Minho, Newt, Alby, and Thomas discuss what they need to do to defend themselves and escape the Maze. Minho says he and the Runners are going to need to spend the night in the Maze, but Alby says that’s too risky. Newt agrees with Minho, saying it’s the only way. They convince Alby, but Alby loses faith in his ability to think clearly. Alby tells Newt and Minho they have to make the decisions from now on. Alby says he will go to the Map Room to look for patterns but they tell him not too because the Grievers may already be out there. Despite their objections, he heads out.
Minho has to choose between sticking to the old routine or making changes to their approach to solving the Maze. He chooses change, perhaps because Thomas’ hopefulness has finally rubbed off on him, giving him the hope he needs to try something new. In contrast, Alby is too set in his ways, unwilling to risk changing the routine that has provided them stability thus far.
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Although afraid, Thomas eventually falls asleep. In the middle of the night, Thomas awakes to the mechanical sounds of the Grievers surrounding the Homestead. Thomas thinks three or four of them are out there but as soon they seem to get really close, the sounds dies away. Then a door opens, and Gally barges into the Homestead.
As the Grievers invade the Glade, they bring with them the havoc and chaos of the Maze. The Glade’s outward appearance of stability and safety has totally collapsed. Now the Glade is just as dangerous and chaotic as the Maze.
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