David Copperfield

David Copperfield


Charles Dickens

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Mr. Jorkins is Mr. Spenlow's business partner, whose main function seems to be to provide Spenlow with a plausible excuse for turning people's requests down: for instance, when David asks to be released from his articles, Spenlow insists that Jorkins would never hear of it. In reality, however, Jorkins is a mild and easy-going man who seems to defer to Spenlow's wishes.
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Jorkins Character Timeline in David Copperfield

The timeline below shows where the character Jorkins appears in David Copperfield. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 23: I Corroborate Mr. Dick, and Choose a Profession
Coming of Age and Personal Development Theme Icon
...period, adding that he would be happy to provide two months if it weren't for Mr. Jorkins . He similarly blames Mr. Jorkins for the position's cost, as well as for the... (full context)
Chapter 35: Depression
Coming of Age and Personal Development Theme Icon
...however, says he can't cancel David's articles, although he assigns the blame for this to Mr. Jorkins . Reluctantly, he allows David to go and ask Mr. Jorkins, but Jorkins insists that... (full context)
Womanhood and Gender Roles Theme Icon
Home and Family Theme Icon
David is "bewildered" by his interactions with Mr. Spenlow and Mr. Jorkins , but realizes he will not be able to get the premium back. As he... (full context)
Chapter 38: A Dissolution of Partnership
Ambition, Social Mobility, and Morality Theme Icon
A few days later at work, Mr. Jorkins tells David that he would like his help going through Mr. Spenlow's desk. David is... (full context)
Chapter 39: Wickfield and Heep
Coming of Age and Personal Development Theme Icon
...David is less certain than ever about his future as a proctor, both because of Mr. Jorkins 's poor management and because of the questionable business tactics they and other firms have... (full context)