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David Copperfield


Charles Dickens

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Mr. Peggotty Character Analysis

Daniel Peggotty is Peggotty’s brother and little Em'ly and Ham Peggotty’s uncle. He works as a fisherman in Yarmouth, where he lives in a beached boat that he has converted into a house. Mr. Peggotty's defining trait is his generosity; he provides a home not only for his orphaned niece and nephew, but also for Mrs. Gummidge—his former business partner’s grumpy widow. Mr. Peggotty's patient and forgiving nature become important in the aftermath of little Em’ly's elopement with James Steerforth. In the Victorian era, women who engaged in premarital sex were subject to extreme social censure, but Mr. Peggotty's sole concern when he learns of Emily's "sin" is to find her and bring her home. He is ultimately successful, and then moves to Australia for the sake of his niece, who will be able to start a new life there.

Mr. Peggotty Quotes in David Copperfield

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Chapter 47 Quotes

"What shall I ever do!" she said, fighting thus with her despair. "How can I go on as I am, a solitary curse to myself, a living disgrace to every one I come near!" Suddenly she turned to my companion. "Stamp upon me, kill me! When she was you pride, you would have thought I had done her harm if I brushed against her in the street. You can't believe—why should you?—a syllable that comes out of my lips. It would be a burning shame upon you, even now, if she and I exchanged a word."

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