The Freedom Writers Diary

The Freedom Writers Diary


Erin Gruwell

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John Tu Character Analysis

This millionaire entrepreneur becomes the Freedom Writers’ main benefactor. Inspired by the racial diversity in Ms. Gruwell’s class, he decides to support their various projects. While he is never given voice through a diary entry, he demonstrates his dedication to elevated ideals of justice and cooperation through his actions. He donates money for the Freedom Writers’ field trips, offers certain students jobs at his computer company, and donates the thirty-five computers with which the students type their diary entries anonymously. On multiple occasions, he demonstrates his love and care for Ms. Gruwell’s students directly, by listening to them attentively and making them feel that their voice matters.
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John Tu Character Timeline in The Freedom Writers Diary

The timeline below shows where the character John Tu appears in The Freedom Writers Diary. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Entry 2: Ms. Gruwell
Race, Ethnicity, and Tolerance Theme Icon
Education and Healing Theme Icon
...students outside of the classroom, but explains that she has the support of a millionaire, John Tu , who has been impressed by Ms. Gruwell’s teaching strategies and past achievements. In the... (full context)
Part II: Diary 22
Family and Home Theme Icon
...they were served, and even the soft paper towel in the bathrooms. When the millionaire John Tu sits at her table and wants to let the students talk, she is amazed that... (full context)
Part V: Diary 60
Education and Healing Theme Icon
Violence, War, and Death  Theme Icon
This student describes receiving a job offer from John Tu . At one of the big dinner parties that Ms. Gruwell organizes for students’ families... (full context)
Education and Healing Theme Icon
When John Tu tells the student he is impressed with his car, since at his age all he... (full context)
Entry 6: Ms. Gruwell
Education and Healing Theme Icon
Violence, War, and Death  Theme Icon
...of moral responsibility that Miep Gies described when talking about her involvement with Anne Frank. John Tu donates thirty-five computers to the class so that the entries can be completely anonymous, and... (full context)
Part VI: Diary 70
Education and Healing Theme Icon
This student feels that John Tu ’s computer donation to the class will give her/him even more motivation to keep having... (full context)
Part VIII: Diary 137
Education and Healing Theme Icon
...that s/he increased her/his grade point enough to receive one. S/he describes her/his admiration for John Tu , who has inspired her/him to become an entrepreneur and give back to her/his community.... (full context)
Education and Healing Theme Icon
...their own, where their actual voices could be heard. This process took years, but when John Tu decided to finance this project, they were able to produce Voices Unbound: The Stories of... (full context)