Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


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Salt to the Sea: 60. Florian Summary & Analysis

A soldier approaches the group of refugees and asks for papers. Joana tells Florian he “owes” her. Emilia comes up to him and thanks him in German. She says “Bitte,” or please. Florian knows it would have been easier to cross the ice alone, but in some ways it also would have been harder.
When Florian says it would be easier to cross alone, he means that as a single person he can travel more quickly and inconspicuously. However, because he’s become emotionally attached to Emilia, Joana, and the others, he realizes that it will be difficult for him to leave them behind.
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The German soldier sees from Florian’s papers that he is a special envoy carrying a special package. The soldier wonders if Florian is trying to meet Koch, who has signed his papers and will be in Pillau. Florian says he is instead going to Gotenhafen, which is in the opposite direction. The soldier offers to take him in a boat.
Florian’s forged papers open up new doors and opportunities for him that his true identity would not grant him.
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