Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


Ruta Sepetys

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Salt to the Sea: 69. Joana Summary & Analysis

The group walks through the city to the movie house. Florian helps pick the lock on the movie house door. Joana asks him to leave it open for future refugees who need a place to stay
Joana is constantly looking out for other people. Even if she would benefit from the extra space in the movie house they would receive if they locked the door, she would always rather help others than live in comfort herself. 
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The group settles down, resting and eating dinner. Florian and Joana discuss how they will keep the group together as they board ships. Florian suggests Joana offer herself to work as a nurse, under the condition that she is allowed take Emilia and Florian with her as her patients. Joana notes that Florian’s shrapnel wound has healed, but he reveals his left ear has been damaged. Although he has his “important assignment,” he knows he might be sent to fight anyway if he does also have a medical ailment. 
Joana and Florian grow closer as they talk to each other. Although the conversation is not romantic, every time they speak, their feelings for each other intensify. Once again, Florian references how his identification papers determine his fate and whether or not he will be allowed to board a ship. He hopes that adding a note to his information about this damaged ear will be enough to render him unfit for duty and guarantee him safe passage.
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