Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea


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Salt to the Sea: 76. Joana Summary & Analysis

Joana is happy for an opportunity to help, but unhappy to leave the group behind. The Poet reminds her to meet at the clock. As the group departs, Florian pulls her aside, plays with her hair flirtatiously, and tells her his name is Florian.
Florian wants to guarantee passage on a ship, and knows that the more Joana likes him, the more likely she will be to help him. Although he genuinely likes her, he also knowingly manipulates her emotions. 
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Joana grabs Alfred before he walks off and tells him that the group she has been traveling with “are very important.” She makes him promise to get them onto the same ship she will be assigned to.
Florian succeeds in manipulating Joana’s emotions. Although she already cared about him, she now thinks of him as a member of the same chosen family that includes the Poet and Klaus, and will work hard to ensure his safe passage.
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