George Eliot

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Dorothea Brooke, one of the main characters in Middlemarch, cares about social progress and is also fixated on the idea of making an impact on the world. As a hobby, she makes architectural…

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The Key to All Mythologies

The Key to All Mythologies is the name of the work of theological scholarship to which the 45-year-old Rev. Edward Casaubon has dedicated several decades of his life. The grand title of the work highlights…

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New Hospital

The New Hospital is established by Nicholas Bulstrode (who finances and manages it) and Tertius Lydgate (who serves as the medical director) as a way to raise the standard of medical care in Middlemarch. They…

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Rail transport was still fairly new to England during the period in which the novel is set, which is just before the “railway boom” of the 1840s. As a result, the railway is yet another…

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