The Decameron

The Decameron


Giovanni Boccaccio

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Ancient Man Character Analysis

In Elissa’s fifth tale (V, 3), the Ancient Man and his wife, the Ancient Woman, live in the forest where Pietro and Agnolella get lost. He and his wife shelter Agnolella even though she must rely on her own wits to protect her from roving thugs. Although he doesn’t have much to offer, he and his wife demonstrate kindness and generosity.
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Ancient Man Character Timeline in The Decameron

The timeline below shows where the character Ancient Man appears in The Decameron. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Day 5: Third Tale
Men and Women Theme Icon
...Agnolella is likewise lost. But as darkness falls, she happens upon a cottage where an Ancient Man and Ancient Woman live. They kindly offer to shelter her for the night. But while... (full context)
Men and Women Theme Icon
Intelligence Theme Icon
...they force their way into the cottage, asking questions about her horse. Thinking quickly, the Ancient Man claims that it appeared, riderless, the previous evening. The thieves decide to take it, but... (full context)