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Giovanni Boccaccio

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Sandro Agolanti Character Analysis

Sandro Agolanti appears in Neifile’s second tale (II, 1). A Florentine living in Treviso, he is an influential friend of the local ruler. When Stecchi, Marchese, and their landlord tell him Martellino’s story, he finds it amusing and intercedes on the clown’s behalf with the prince. Thus, he is part of fortune’s reversals in Martellino’s misadventures.

Sandro Agolanti Quotes in The Decameron

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Day 2: First Tale Quotes

Meanwhile, with the matter proceeding along these lines, word had reached Marchese and Stecchi that the judge was giving him a rough handling and had already put him on the strappado. “We have made a fine mess of things,” they said, shaking with fright. “We have taken him out of the frying-pan and dropped him straight in the fire.” Being determined to leave no stone unturned, they tracked down their landlord, and explained to him what had happened. The landlord, who was highly amused at their tale, took them to see a man called Sandro Agolanti, a Florentine living in Treviso who had considerable influence with the ruler of the city.

Related Characters: Neifile (speaker), Martellino, Marchese, Stecchi, Sandro Agolanti
Related Symbols: Fortune
Page Number: 75
Explanation and Analysis:
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Sandro Agolanti Character Timeline in The Decameron

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Day 2: First Tale
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...can’t confess to crimes he’s accused of and he never picked anyone’s pocket in Treviso. Sandro Agnolanti , an influential Florentine living in Treviso, intervenes on Martellino’s behalf after hearing the story... (full context)