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Giovanni Boccaccio

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Landolfo Rufolo appears in Lauretta’s second tale (II, 4). He is an extremely rich merchant from the Amalfi coast, who is so greedy that he tries to double his fortune. When he fails, he turns to piracy. He represents another of fortune’s victim-beneficiaries: after losing his second fortune and turning to piracy, he’s captured by pirates who are then shipwrecked. He clings to a small box until he washes ashore, only later realizing that it’s full of priceless jewels.

Landolfo Rufolo Quotes in The Decameron

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Day 2: Fourth Tale Quotes

The stones he possessed were, he discovered, so valuable and numerous that, even if he sold them at less than their market value, he would be twice as rich as when he had set out. So that, having taken steps to dispose of his gems, he sent, by way of payment for services received, a tidy sum of money to the good woman of Corfu who had fished him out of the sea. And likewise, he sent a further sum to the people at Trani who had given him the new clothes. He was no longer interested in commerce, so he kept the remainder of the money and lived in splendor for the rest of his days.

Related Characters: Lauretta (speaker), Landolfo Rufolo
Related Symbols: Fortune, Gifts
Page Number: 96
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Landolfo Rufolo Character Timeline in The Decameron

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Day 2: Fourth Tale
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...such a change, its protagonist will be subject to even greater misfortunes. The incredibly wealthy Landolfo Rufolo lives on the Amalfi Coast. Not content with his wealth, he fills a ship... (full context)
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To recoup his losses, Landolfo turns to piracy, and his raids of Turkish vessels make him twice as rich as... (full context)
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While Landolfo and his mast drift through the night, a particular chest keeps floating past him. Because... (full context)
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The peasant and her daughter take Landolfo and his chest home and nurse him back to life. When he forces the chest... (full context)
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When Landolfo finally arrives at his home, he sells his gems, sends a gift to the peasant... (full context)
Day 2: Fifth Tale
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Fiammetta remarks that Landolfo’s jewels have reminded her of a tale with as much adventure as Lauretta’s—but which is... (full context)