The Decameron

The Decameron


Giovanni Boccaccio

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In Pampinea’s tenth tale (X, 6), Lisa is the bourgeois daughter of Bernardo Puccini who falls hopelessly in love with King Peter of Aragon. When she surreptitiously informs him of her feelings, her circumspection and nobility of sentiment impress him so much that he gives her a dowry and a noble husband and serves for the rest of his life as her knight. She is thus the recipient of royal generosity.

Lisa Quotes in The Decameron

The The Decameron quotes below are all either spoken by Lisa or refer to Lisa. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Day 10: Seventh Tale Quotes

Love, ever since I fell in love
With him, you always granted me
More fear than courage; wherefore I
Could never show it openly
To him who takes away my breath,
And death is hard as I lie dying.
Perhaps he would not be displeased
If he were conscious of my sighing
And I could find the power to show
To him the measure of my woe.

Related Characters: Minuccio d’Arezzo, Lisa, King Peter
Page Number: 741
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Lisa Character Timeline in The Decameron

The timeline below shows where the character Lisa appears in The Decameron. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Day 10: Seventh Tale
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Moderation and Excess Theme Icon the time the French are driven from Sicily, with his wife and his daughter, Lisa. King Peter of Aragon, having conquered the island, holds a tournament. When she watches him... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Class and Character Theme Icon
Lisa’s parents, greatly distressed, nurse her and call physicians, but no one can cure her. Before... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Minuccio d’Arezzo leaves Lisa and asks Mico da Siena to compose a song about her love, which he sings... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Class and Character Theme Icon
In her bedroom, King Peter holds Lisa’s hand as he asks her to “cheer up, for our sake, so that you may... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Men and Women Theme Icon
Class and Character Theme Icon
As Lisa’s health improves, King Peter consults with his queen about appropriately rewarding her love. They return... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Class and Character Theme Icon
Lisa’s answer pleases both King Peter and the queen because it demonstrates her wisdom. With Bernardo... (full context)