The Decameron

The Decameron


Giovanni Boccaccio

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Marshal Lamiens Character Analysis

Marshal Lamiens appears, along with his wife Madame Lamiens and son Jacques Lamiens, in Elissa’s second tale (II, 8). He is a class-conscious high official of the English king. Although he reluctantly allows Jacques to marry Jeannette (Violante) in the interest of preserving his life, he resents his supposedly low-class daughter-in-law and makes barbed comments about her and her children.
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Marshal Lamiens Character Timeline in The Decameron

The timeline below shows where the character Marshal Lamiens appears in The Decameron. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Day 2: Eighth Tale
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Class and Character Theme Icon
...a relapse. Finally deciding that they’d rather have an unsuitable daughter-in-law than a dead son, Marshal Lamiens and his wife relent and allow Jacques to marry Jeannette, much to the young couple’s... (full context)
Class and Character Theme Icon attached that the family hires him as a servant to play with the children. Marshal Lamiens , spiteful towards his “common” daughter-in-law, takes his grandchildren’s attachment to Walter as proof of... (full context)
Class and Character Theme Icon
...of “clothes, servants, horses, and accoutrements” appropriate to his status. Walter asks Jacques to remind Marshal Lamiens that his grandchildren aren’t descended from a lowlife on Jeannette’s side, and they all live... (full context)