The Decameron

The Decameron


Giovanni Boccaccio

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Filippo Balducci Character Analysis

Filippo Balducci is a Florentine merchant who appears in a tale Boccaccio tells while defending his literary works at the beginning of Day IV. After his wife’s death, he retreats with Filippo’s Son to the mountains to live an ascetic life (characterized by abstinence and self-discipline) serving God, but he finds that even this can’t protect his son from the world.
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Filippo Balducci Character Timeline in The Decameron

The timeline below shows where the character Filippo Balducci appears in The Decameron. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Day 4: Introduction
Faith vs. Religion Theme Icon help rebut the first of these criticisms. A long time ago, a widower named Filippo Balducci fled Florence with his two-year-old to serve God as hermits. They went to Mount Asinaio,... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Faith vs. Religion Theme Icon
But when Filippo’s Son is 18, he offers to help Filippo Balducci with these errands. Relying on the strength of his son’s innocence and dedication to God,... (full context)
Love and Sex Theme Icon
Men and Women Theme Icon
Filippo Balducci says that these “goslings” are evil, but Filippo’s Son maintains that they are lovelier than... (full context)